Saturday, November 22, 2008

I'm Not Having a Christmas party But If I were I would want it to be just like Tori Mellott's of Domino Magazine. She is so chic and her apartment in NYC is adorable!

So I'm New to Blogging, and my boss told me that being a journalist and having a blog don't mix. I'm not political or an activist for anything, so I'm not worried about being a reporter and having a blog. I am OBSESSED with Magazines, fashion, New York City, and Polyvore. I read the Sartorialist's blog all the time. I am obsessed with New York Street style. I love the effortlessness of New Yorkers. My family is from upstate New York but I'm stuck in Atlanta, but One day I AM GOING BACK. I'm going to finish college here and move when ht time is right... Until then though I will just look from afar at the fashionable New Yorkers and watch Gossip Girl to get my fix.