Sunday, October 18, 2009

Jane: Street Style Begins

I suppose this was my first crack at Street Style photography. This is Jane, my high school icon. I found these pictures on my flash drive from the 9th grade, and I realized it wasn;t Garance Dore, Scot Schuman, Altimira, or any other street style blog i love so dearly that got me interested. I was always interested. I feel like this is what its all about. Jane was the coolest cat I ever met in High School. She had these shoes from Little Five points that i loved so one day i mustered up courage to go up to the Sophmore and ask her where she got them. We were in art, and she was uber cool. She, I would say, made me interested in personal style. Thanks Jane. <3

Doesn't she look like Molly Ringwald?!

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