Saturday, March 28, 2009

My Cd Cover

Here's what you do: (Got it from Angie who got it from Nik, Who got it from Parker..)
1. go to wikipedia and click 'random article'2. the title of the random article you get is the name of your 'band'3. now head on to and look for where it says 'random quote' or something like that. when you get there, scroll to the LAST and FINAL random quote and look at the last four or five words. that is the NAME of the album.4. grab a picture to use for your album. 5. edit the photo on whatever program you have (paint, gimp, picasa) with the band name and album name.


Angie :] said...

Ahh! that pic is the sickness!

Anonymous said...

ahh love it kate. :D and your song makes me happy! haha. love yaa