Sunday, March 1, 2009

Can you See the Snow?

Its coming down finally for the first time ALL winter. Im telling you guys dont ever move to Ga if you like snow. You may just find yourself wishing you had to shovel and salt.


erinn ♥ said...

you just got snow NNOW?

its been freaking blizzarding here since like november. you know how much ive been complaining. LMAO. except at christmas time it was pouring rain and it felt like it was spring time.. but then again i went away to dominican.

you are so lucky. last week it was so nice and warm here it felt like april, i was like YESSSS. warm weather :D :D

NOW its blizzarding again.ggrrrr. sorry for the novel >.<

xoxo.emma said...

:P NO FAIR! I don't get any snow at all where I live!!!!!!! I believe the last time it snowed here was in like 1988, which is before I was born!

paige.simple. said...

WOW! It looks lovely! It's been snowing her in gay MA for a long while. Your house looks lovely btw. Dream house. :D My room could never be that neat. What is sad is when it snows sometimes it only leaves a thin blanket.