Thursday, February 26, 2009

She's Still She's Still Angie From the Bronx!

hood: The Bronx :]

age: Ugh, I'm 20.

food place? It depends what I'm eating. The best place for Italian is Frankie & Johnnie's in the Bronx, or Carmine's in Manhattan. Hispanic food: Cafe Espanol on Bleeker has the best rice and seafood everrr! oOo and I live for Wonton Garden on Mott, I think. [Ok, I'll admit it: China town confuses me beyond all reason. I just know that it's on the block with the Chase and the bubble tea shop ... lol.]

how would you describe yourself as a new yorker? I would describe myself as a bad New Yorker. First, I'm clumsy, so I can't walk in the 5 in. heels that all of the fashionable chicks wear. Secondly, I have no sense of direction what so ever. I constantly get lost, especially when I'm in the city. According to my brother that's against the New Yorker code lol. The list could go on and on, but the biggest reason as to why I'm a horrible New Yorker: I actually LIKE taking to tourists. Yes, "FOR SHAME!" I know, it's weird. Bloomberg is planning to tar and feather me as we speak.

any nightlife joints you frequent? I'm a bar girl, which /is/ different from an alcoholic. I tend to go to dive bars though. What can I say? The drinks are cheap and the people are fun. If I'm really going to be drinking hardcore, I try to stay around the Bronx or Pleasantville[If I'm getting a ride.] I love Tinkers, Howl's, Mugz's and MacArthurs. Hmm, maybe that's another reason why I'm a bad NY-er, I actually prefer the Bronx to Manhattan.

what is your favorite thing about nyc? I love the people. People watching is a major hobby of mine. I'm not a crazy stalker, it's just cool to see people's clothing and things of that nature. You have so many people in NY that you can see all kinds of different street style. It's pretty cool.

favorite shop? My favorite shop is either Macys or Nordstrom. For some reason, everytime I go in those stores I feel like a kid in a candy shop. Everything's so prim and pretty!

any helpful tips or tricks for navigating the many facets of the city? HAHAHA! Umm, I always try to stay with people that /do/ know the city. If I have to go into the city alone, I always try to hopstop it a bunch of times and make sure I remember where I'm going. Pretty lame "tip," but like I said, "I constantly get lost."

what is a piece of advice you would give someone going to the city? Pretty, pretty please if you are going on the train, hold onto the rail when the train is moving. That's my number one pet peeve. I HATE when people try to sue me as a buffer between them and the floor. If they just held on to the damn pole they wouldn't be flying all over the place!

what is one thing anyone should do in the city? Come to the other boroughs! NYC is so much more than just Manhattan. Try to go to other places like Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx. But don't go to Staten Island or Long Island, they're really lame lol.
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Angie :] said...

Yay! Thanks so much for interviewing me. I love the pic so much. OMG I typo-ed. I said sue me instead of use me. Please excuse me as I go find a corner to hang myself with my illiterate embarassment...

Ornate Kate said...

angie you be crakin me up!!!! dont do that we gotta get shyt face together first!!! <3

Lindsay Champion said...

The worst part about wearing heels in the city is having to walk around or tiptoe across all of the subway grates, which is like 75% of the sidewalks around here.

lindsay ||

FashionAddict said...

Amazing view... I can't wait 'til summer. I'm going to NYC for the first time! Yay! Visit my blog, please.