Thursday, February 5, 2009

parkereloise: new yorker interview

Parker Eloise Does NYC Interview

age: sixteen.

area: long island haha i'm a fraud.

travel: car or train. i dont really mind.

what is it about the city you love most: haha this is going to sound lame but magazines.

where is the best place for international/national magazines: oh well for a one stop trip, any universal news. i like the one on 23rd. i also go to a little place around 23rd and 7th i've nicknamed "tasti-d-light" because it shares a space with a tasti-d-light icecream store. but that place is kinda delayed in comparison to universal. there is apparently this place called "magazine cafe nyc" which is amazing but when i went to the address it wasn't there. and if i just have time to pick up a few issues the hudson news in the train station.
what is one thing you do every trip to the city: besides buy magazines? hmm eat pizza! and ride the subway. haha i think its fun, i'm lame...i'll live
what describes a new yorker: haha people from the city are really cool, i think i can tell who they are by how they walk down the street and dont look at anyone and aren't dressed up because it's not like a big deal to them.. and they walk fast. i like to walk slow, haah i am easily distracted. and i like to smile at people, especially good looking boys. new yorkers don't really do that i don't think.
favorite eatery: serendipity. haha i always go there! or balthazar my dad used to take me there for breakfast like all the time. and ellen's stardust diner. it's like completley a totally lame tourist thing but they sing and i'm obsessed with it
hang out spot: haha i dont have one really now but me and my friend used to go to this weird restaraunt every weekend practically or madison square park i guess you could call that our hangout.
what piece of advice would you give to a visitor of the city: hmm. don't be afraid to act like a tourist, take a bunch of pictures, be embarrasing. you're never going to see any of these people again who cares if they mock you!

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Angie :] said...

Tasti-d-light makes me so happy! God I just sounded like a fattie lol.