Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentines. Want a LIttle Tid BIT?

On this day in History Al Capone, Mobster for the Chicago syndicate, sent a message to Bugs Moran. This was the message ^ On February 14, 1929 Al Capone set in place the bloodiest, and most well known mob hit in history.
Why you ask? In early 1929, Moran sided with Joe Aiello in another attack against Capone. He and Aiello reportedly gunned down Pasquillano Lolordo, one of Capone’s men, and Capone vowed that he would have him wiped out on February 14. He was living on his estate outside of Miami at the time and put in a call to Chicago. Capone had a very special “valentine” that we wanted delivered to Moran.

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jb said...

I worked for a a guy named Joe Aiello who claimed that he was related to him the mobster by blood for real. I worked in the kitchen of his restaurant for a few years. I saw a few fights,raids,drug deals an alot of shifty guys packng...some i kinda believed him. Thing that made me a true believer was when they shipped him back to Itlay because he supposedly killed someone and that's when I quite. I heard he was gunned down a few years ago what the hell I thought.

Happy Valentines Day