Friday, February 13, 2009

Team Wayfarer NYC Interview

age- 17 at the end of this month

area/hood- east & downtown

What do you love most about the city? I love that there's always something new, exciting or interesting going on. Also, because I'm such a huge music fan, it's great that my favorite bands will all come here to play a gig eventually.

What is the one place that everyone should go to at least once? Hmm, that's tough. My favorite touristy spot is probably 5th ave in the 50s. That's the cliche "5th Ave" area. And the east south corner ... of the park is nice too. Other than that...I can't help but say St. Marks place in the East Village. It's one of the original punk spots of the city that's been transformed into a tragically hip parallel of Canal Street. (basically, they sell the best fake sunglasses and trendy stuff like that) By the way, never buy anything on Canal.

How would you describe the city? A New Yorker? Frank wasn't kidding when he said it never sleeps. Seems to me that tourists think New Yorkers are rude. Not rude, pick up the pace! haha. We're usually polite. If you want to take a picture of someone in front of the Bloomingdales, it's fine, people will wait or walk around.

Is there a store for record or music that you would reccomend? I went to a Born Ruffians gig in Brooklyn once- at a record store called Sound Fix (or Soundfix maybe) that had a great selection of stuff in the front and a bar/mini stage in the back. It was way cool. In Manhattan, there's always some free promos at the Cake Shop right under Houston St. The Virgin Megastore (on 14th...not Times Square!) has every CD. You're not the same after going in there. So much stuff. Members of The Strokes usually are seen in there too, also Agyness, since they all live in the East Village.

Fave Food joint? Always seem to end up at Haru on Park in the 20s. Small, good, kinda expensive sushi chain. That, and Pinkberry. And soup/scones at Whole Foods, Union Square.

Museum? MoMA all the way. I have a membership card and love going. Modern art, Andy Warhol, the photo floor, architecture's amazing every time.

Store? I'll always love Urban Outfitters and Forever 21, Screaming Mimi's for vintage- Lafayette at 4th.

How would you describe yourself as a ny'er? No idea!

How would you describe street style in NYC? It depends where you are. Very polished and expensive uptown, cutting edgier downtown...but under it all, there's a certain amount of practicality since mostly everyone walks everywhere and winter is annoying cold sometimes.

Where can someone see a celeb? All over! I saw Zac Efron in Columbus Circle once, my mom saw Julian Casablancas from The Strokes on 10th and B'way once. (I will always hate her for it too until I meet him haha) Saw Andy Samberg in the west village outside of Magnolia Bakery and then Scarlett Johansen. Caroline Kennedy in list really goes on. Mostly soho I think...west Bleecker. Hard to say.

Any advice about the city? If you're visiting, take just a day or two seeing the touristy spots. Spend your time wandering around soho and the villages with a map. I think the little places you'll find are more meaningful and memorable. Please don't wear a fanny pack.

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parkereloise said...

ah the girl is cool great interview TW yourre so cool. fer real. Jalouse. (i just always assummed that ment jealous in french Pardon Moi if im wrong) i dont know how i would deal with ever seeing a celebrity i think i would just collapse! love the moma. cool Asss interview kate and TW

Anonymous said...

im in love with these interviews, kate! i love them all. definatley going to come in handy when i go there. haha.