Saturday, February 21, 2009

My New Chanel Wallet. Well, its vintage from Southern Antique Gallery

Bag Items: Cds i just got at Walgreens, k bag, new chanel wallet, gum, wayfarers, entertainment weekly, keys, ipod, ring, movie ticket, phone which takes the pics you see here.
Whats in my bag? ^

MY new vintage wallet i got for 10.50 antiquing today. Worn and torn just the way i like it.


parkereloise said...

that is the fucking shit
ah 10.50!
um i want one! haha
i thought you had to go to paris to find cheap vintage chanel shit
but i can just go to hotlanta
i am soo uber JalouSE

erinn ♥ said...

holy shiit.
10.50?! i freaking wish i could find chanel stuff that cheap.
i love my stuff looking old and torn up.
looks better i must say.
im with parker on this one.
super jealous.

Lindsay Champion said...

That's rad.

lindsay ||

dharma initiative♥ said...

you found a chanel wallet for 10.50 in georgie? im shocked.