Thursday, April 23, 2009

Peaches, Bunny, and Lilly in Williamsburg

AHHH! Coolest apartment and roomies everrr. Thanks to for these awesome apartment pics!!! Im now obsessed with his photos!


Your Friend Jiffy said...

love these! i think the selby is a cobrasnake friend

Blair said...

Willamsburg! Ahh I Love Willamsburg my Sis Had A Loft There && I Starting Luaghing When I Saw These Pics Cause It Reminds Me So Much Of Esme,Harry And I Cause Seriously Harry Looks EXACTLY Like Bunny I Think There Freakin Twins XD And There's Three Of Them Just Like Us LMAO! I Love Peaches And Bunny!! Awesome Post Babe, MB